Astronomers Just Found an Asteroid That Orbits the Sun and Does Not Get Close to the Earth

Due to the fact that astronomers keep looking for new bodies in our solar system, they know some things about asteroids. Many of these asteroids orbit long the Sun and just roaming around the solar system. Sometimes they even get too close to Earth in their way. Then they go to the Sun, then they back out again.

As of now, astronomers have found an asteroid that doesn’t really get far from the Sun, even when he gets to its further point, is it still close. The asteroid is also known as 2019 LF6. It makes a complete orbit of the Sun every 151 days, and it’s closer to the Sun than it is to Mercury.

They didn’t know of its existence

The asteroid travels in an orbit that is within Mercury’s orbit, and it is around the Sun. Then, it backs out to the orbit of Venus. It never got close to Earth, and they didn’t even know that LF6 existed anyway. The team estimates the asteroid to be around a km in width. This is why they don’t even know why they haven’t found it so far.

It was 30 years ago when people started to organize systematic searches for asteroid when it came to finding these objects. However, now, most of them have been found, so the bigger ones are always a win. When it comes to size and orbit, LF6 is a special snowflake. Its unusual orbit actually explains why a giant asteroid has stayed hidden for several decades.

Those asteroids that roam around close to the Sun, and that never travel past the Earth are quite difficult for teams of astronomers to find. They have to use their resources just before sunrise and just after the sunset for a better vision – before the Sun’s light ruins all the instruments.

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