As Samsung is Done with its Folding Smartphone, Should We Expect a Stretching One?

A few years ago in 2013 Samsung released a video of a prototype folding smartphone. It only took them five years to make that true as its launch day might be on the 20th of February under the name of Samsung Galaxy F.

Even though it was a long process to reach its goal, Samsung does not give up. The company wants to revolutionize the smartphone industry, so they are already working on what is next. With that being said, we should expect a stretchable, rolling smartphone. At least this is what we understood from a blog post by Hark-sang Kim, Samsung’s Senior Vice President and Head of Visual R&D Team.

He said that the display rule has changed over the years which means that users only expect its size to be as big as the phone itself.  Samsung is searching for possibilities to make that as convenient as possible for their fans.

The Shape of Things to Come

The portability will be compromised if smartphone displays get any larger. At least this is was is being said, but it does not mean that it should also be taken into account.  Samsung’s new central focus is to resolve the contradiction between portability and screen size.

Preparing for the New Era

In the coming year, we will see a lot of changes in the smartphone form factor so we should get ready for it. A folding smartphone or perhaps some stretchable and rollable ones are no longer a fairytale. Samsung is prepared to bring this type of phones into reality. Are you ready?

You have heard about the Infinity Flex Display. Well, that is just the beginning. Samsung knows how not to get intimidated by boundaries so you should expect more futuristic designs from the company in the upcoming years.

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