Are Aliens Watching Us? Mysterious Lights Spotted Over Northern California

Theories about UFO reappeared after a strange path of light was spotted in Northern California. No one managed to identify it, and there were numerous eyewitnesses who managed to take photos of the event. According to one of the persons there the streak of light was preceded by a circular object that quickly dropped in the sky.

Speculations followed soon after. Many people believed that the light was caused by a jet or some sort of rocket. Some even though that there was a rocket launch at Vandenberg Air Force Base. However, there were also many who seemed to believed that the light was caused by aliens.

The explanation

It appears that the mysterious light was in fact just a meteor. Bing Quock, assistant director of the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences provided a clear explanation about what we noticed in the sky:

“A very bright meteor that fell through the atmosphere, and it took place shortly after sunset so that the contrail that was left behind was still lit by the sun. And when upper winds in the atmosphere blew the contrail into nicely contorted shapes that looked like a strange glowing curlicue in the air that baffled a lot of people. But very likely just a bright meteor,” he explained.

The National Weather Service also published a tweet in which they confirm that the object in the sky was indeed a meteor. They did add that they are not “100% certain” but explained that evidence definitely seems to be pointing that way. “A meteor can create a very high-level cloud called a noctilucent cloud,” the tweet concluded, adding that NASA has a webpage that explains cloud formation in a clear way.

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