Apple Using Sony’s 3D Camera Technology for their Future iPhones

Recent rumours reveal some shocking information. It looks like Apple is considering some unexpected addition for their future smartphones. Next-generation iPhones might be equipped with a revolutionary technology patented by Sony – the 3D camera based on time of flight (ToF) innovative technology.

The word was spread by Bloomberg Quaint. Satoshi Yoshihara, Sony’s Production General Manager, declared in a report recently published that his company is scaling up the manufacturing of the mentioned sensors.

This happens because the demand is increasing and important smartphone developers are requiring it. However, he didn’t mention any name and this created the perfect opportunity for speculations: is Apple really considering becoming one of Sony’s 3D camera customers?

No information is confirmed so far

The report from Bloomberg says that Apple might be willing to replace their iPhones’ cameras with Sony’s 3D ToF technology. However, the switch only refers to Apple’s cameras that use 3D structured light sensor and the rumours haven’t been confirmed yet.

Why should Apple become one of Sony’s customers? This is a logical question, considering the fact that the Cupertino-based company is preparing to release outstanding smartphones with top-notch technology. According to Sony, their technology is much better than the one currently used by Apple.

On the other hand, iOS fans are using the 3D cameras for some time and there haven’t been any complaints about its features or capabilities. If Apple is willing to experience and see how Sony’s ToF sensors work on their smartphones, they might introduce this change in the iPhones released in 2019.

Apple’s decision might also be influenced by Samsung’s announced devices. As we know, Galaxy S10 will bring top-notch technology in February 2019. The new iPhones will be launched in September, so Apple has enough time to make changes, if they consider this necessary.

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