Android Pie 9.0: Do Not Disturb, Gestures and Action Suggestions Features

Google Android Pie 9.0 has found its way to many devices since it was released. It has improved features, and it is ready for you. After you get the latest Android OS, you might want to stop and think of some things that you have to change.

Also, keep in mind that some of the settings may differ depending on what phone you have.


Now users are able to get rid of the well-known three-button navigation method – you can now use gestures.

After you get the new OS, you will see that this feature is not enabled from the very beginning. You need to go to Settings and turn it on.

For Samsung, you need to go to Settings, then to Display, then to the Navigation bar. There, you need to select Full-screen gestures. Other phones, like Google’s Pixel 3 comes with this feature enabled from the start, and you cannot turn it off.

Suggestion for action

The new OS is smarter: it starts suggesting apps and even actions that you usually do in the interface. Let us take a clear example: on Pixel, when you swipe up on the home button, you will get a row of about five apps at the bottom of the screen. This suggestion is based on what you have recently used.

You will also see that it starts to suggest your common tasks – like opening an app or starting a new message to the person you speak to most.

Keep in mind that you can disable them. To do that, you need to press long on your wallpaper, then tap on Home Settings. There, you need to select Suggestions. Then select ‘off’ and you are done.

Do Not Disturb

This feature will block both calls and notifications from the moment the phone sits idle, and it will also block the display – it won’t let it turn on when you receive notifications.


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