Android 9 Pie will need a long time to reach all LG devices

Every smartphone user knows that Android 9 Pie is the most recent update for the popular operating system. Since it was released, a large number of handsets welcomed the improvement and the process is on-going as we speak.

Most devices received the update soon after it was released. Others are waiting for it and it could take a long time until they are able to upgrade to Android 9 Pie. We are talking about LG smartphones. It looks like these mobiles are not able to roll out the latest version of Android yet.

LG invented the Software Upgrade division for shortening their users’ wait for new updates

This is not the only time when LG cannot keep up with the other devices. In fact, they have become famous for being quite slow when it comes to pushing updates in line with the other smartphones. In order to prevent delays and other unpleasant situations, the company created a Software Upgrade division.

This section has resources for extending the smartphone’s lifespan by supporting stable, improved updates. Unfortunately, it looks like the division didn’t bring any progress; LG users still have to wait a few months until Android 9 Pie starts rolling out on their smartphones.

According to the schedule, G7 is the first LG phone that should receive the new OS update. At first, it will roll out globally, but some users can see how it works thanks to the beta version available in their region.

On the other hand, no mention is made about Android 9 Pie on LG G6 and V40. When it comes to them, manufacturers talk about fixed bugs and improved performance, but no word about the update. This must be very frustrating for all the LG users out there, but all they can do is wait until the new OS version gets to them.

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