Alberta: Should We Get Concerned About the Measles Outbreak?

There’s a measles outbreak happening right now in British Columbia, the thing that brought a lot of concern for Alberta.

According to a Medical Officer of Health from the Calgary Zone, named Dr. Jai Hu, this measles thing in Alberta could be very dangerous, so it’s normal we have our concerns, given the fact that there is a lot of travel happening between British Columbia and Alberta.

Why is it important that people get immunized against measles?

We see more and more cases of measles from pretty much everywhere around the globe, so it’s very important that people make sure they are immunized against measles because it’s a very contagious disease. Dr. Hu also said that there had been no cases of measles until now, and last year, we had 6.

He also stated that those adults who are born before 1970 are immune to measles generally. However, in some cases, the individual can still be allowed to take the vaccine. You are eligible to get two doses of measles vaccine, rubella vaccine, and mumps vaccine.

About the vaccine against measles

The vaccine is usually given to a person in childhood – twice. The first time at the age of 1 and the second time between four and six years. There are some people who only got one dose because that’s all they received in those times. However, those adults can get their second dose now.

In most of the cases, people will get rash, fever, and cough. However, there can also be some very serious consequences to measles, such as encephalitis or pneumonia, thing that could lead to death.

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