Air Canada to Revise Schedule for May; Boeing 737 Max Still Remains Grounded

Air Canada has stated that they have revised its flight schedule for May. This way, they were able to deal with the closure of Transport Canada of the airspace to the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. They said that it would cover about 98% of the previously planned flights for a month. They’ll use a series of mitigation measures, such as changing the schedule and temporarily suspending some routes.

Air Canada wanted to assure its customers that they’re doing everything they can to alleviate the impact of the 737 MAX grounding. They said that they appreciate the patience of the customers and their flexibility, as they’re transporting them to their destinations.

By changing their schedule for May, they’re giving the customers the certainty that they can safely travel by Air Canada.

Why did they ground Boeing planes?

Recently, Air Canada grounded 24 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, following the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines MAX 8 jet after it took off from Addis Ababa.

Many national aviation companies have ordered the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and nine aircraft after the crash in Ethiopia was kind of similar to that from the 29th of October, of a Lion Air Max 8 into the Java Sea in Indonesia. It most likely happened because of a malfunction in the anti-stall software from the plane. These two crashes killed about 346 people.

Boeing has stated that all of its aircraft are suspended until they find out the cause of the two crashes and they fix the flight-control systems. They were expected to finish the software improvements recently, but an FAA spokesman said that the company needed more time to take care of all of the issues.

Air Canada was set to receive six new aircraft in March and April.

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