A US Spy Satellite was Launched into Orbit

We have seen how, on Saturday, a Rocket from ULA (that is short for United Launch Alliance) was launched into orbit, carrying a U.S spy satellite.

Why does the USA want to use this rocket?

ULA announced this news recently in a press release, and also said that the Delta IV Heavy rocket, which had an important payload for the NRO (that is short for National Reconnaissance Office) actually dubbed NROL-71, which was blasted off from ULA’s Space Launch Complex at 11:10 a.m PST, in California. By using this rocket, the US government wants to raise national defense efforts in space.

Why is Delta IV Heavy so important for us?

Delta IV Heavy is actually a heavy lift launch vehicle that served to NASA, NRO and U.S. Air Force. It is amazing the fact that it can carry 14,000 pounds directly to the orbit, thing that makes it a top rocket for launching government satellites into space.

The mission that was initially launched on Delta IV Heavy had three common booster cores, which were powered by an Aerojet Rocketdyne RS-68A liquid oxygen motor. For the second stage of the missions, they needed an AR RL10B-2 liquid hydrogen motor.

What does the next launch bring?

NROL-17 was the first launch of the year from ULA, and it is the 132nd time the company has successfully launched a rocket, since 2006. For the next launch, they have the U.S. Air Force’s WGS-10 mission scheduled. The launch will use another powerful Delta IV rocket and will probably take place at the 13th of March, at Space Launch Complex-37, which is in Florida.

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