A Self-Powered Sensor to Help Tracking Firefighters in Dangerous Moments

This device is not bigger than an ordinary watch battery, so the sensor is added to the firefighter’s gear could actually save more lives than before.

The researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton has made an announcement on Friday that they have created a fireproof sensor that could be used to track the people that are working in environments of high-risk, like miners, firefighters, and steelworkers.

The device is actually cool

This self-powered sensor is put in the sole of a boot, or under the arm of a jacket so that it could monitor the motion. The friction of the motion that gets generated in these areas can charge the sensor, and it’s similar to the static charge that you sometimes get by sliding your socks on the carpet, for example. If the motion stops, the device will alert someone who’s outside the place so that they could send help.

If a person is unconscious and you cannot find them, this device is very helpful. And because it’s self-powered, you don’t really have to do anything; it gets all of the power from the environment.

The high heat environments also have similar sensors. They are self-charging since most of the batteries can breakdown in hot environments. The key material is carbon aerogel nanocomposite, which makes it good for temperatures up to 300° Celsius (that’s 572° Fahrenheit) – around the temperature where most of the wood will start burning.

The researchers hope to make the sensor known and more accessible to the market. Such a device can really change lives when working in dangerous environments, especially when talking about fire departments. We imagine it is quite exciting to develop something that can save so many lives.



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