A New Prehistoric Shark Species has been Named after an Arcade Title

The Field Museum located in Chicago houses a variety of interesting and rare specimens. One of them is SUE, a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil that has a very active Twitter account. SUE is also a part-time Dungeon Master and a loyal fan of Rockstar’s latest hit, Red Dead Redemption 2.

The museum has recently received a new exhibit in the form of a fossil of a prehistoric shark. The recently-discovered specimen was named Galagadon nordquisteae. The name has been inspired by the toots of the shark, which reminded scientists of the spaceships that can be seen in a classic arcade video game called Galaga.  It seems that the shark is already a friend of SUE.

SUE was moved earlier in December in a section that is more appropriate for exhibits of her type, including the latest paleontological discoveries.  The new exhibition has been open for over a month but it seems that the many of the visitors haven’t observed Galagadon.

SUE was discovered back in 2019, trapped in a well-conserved limestone deposit. A dedicated team spent more than 30,000 in order to recover all the bones. The limestone was also kept because it is filled with tiny fossils that can still be explored and cataloged.

A researcher has been looking through the fossils for almost 15 years, finding new specimens that measure less than 1 mm.  A microscope is needed if you want to see how the fossils look like. The discovery has prompted researchers to reevaluate their knowledge of prehistoric history and the place where SUE was discovered.

Some of the researchers believed that SUE may have died near alike that was once maintained by a river. The presence of the shark suggests that the river may have been connected to the ocean at some point.

The tooth is patiently awaiting curious visitors that wish to learn more about the new shark species.

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