A Heat Wave with Thunderstorms Has Hit Canada. What’s Next?

As we all probably know already, there was a severe thunderstorm in Canada. It came as a warning of the lousy weather mix for the country’s capital. The heat wave entered on Friday its third day. Hopefully, it will not take long before it all goes back to normal. 

What does the weather agency have to say? 

The weather agency comes with answers. They said that they are tracking a severe thunderstorm, that is actually capable of producing strong wind gusts and heavy rain in the capital.  

The weather felt more like 40 C 

The temperatures on Friday were of about 33 C, but it felt more like 40 C. The UV index was very high. It has been said that it hit at least 9. There were also chances of showers on Friday to Saturday, and the lowest forecast was of 21 C. The weather office also expected a cold front, which could relieve the people starting with Saturday.  

The day started with some clouds and the sun, with a 60% chance of showers. There was also the risk of a thunderstorm. We are still expecting the high to get to 30 C, with high humidity, which makes it feels more like 39 C. The UV index is still likely to be 9, which is very, very high.  

What’s next for this weather? 

As of now, Sunday is looking more evident, the high is of 28 C, and the low is expected to be of 14 C. That, under a clear sky.  

When is this going to end? 

This forecast is expected to keep its presences every day until Thursday. That is when the clouds are expected to make their appearance. 

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