A Dwarf Planet has Recently Been Spotted Outside our Solar System

Recently, astronomers made an outstanding discovery. While they were looking for another item called Planet X, scientists spotted a dwarf planet on the edge of our Solar System. When they noticed that the object is 100 times further than the distance between the Earth and the Sun, one of the team members said that it is “far out”.

Finders decided to call the unusual and very tiny planet Farout. So far, everything they know about it is that ”the dwarf” is a pink cosmic body waiting to be studied. The discovery was announced these days by The Minor Planet Centre from the International Astronomical Union.

The new found object is very far and the distance makes it hard to study

So far, we thought that Pluto is the tiniest and farthest planet from the Solar System. However, the so-called Farout is about 11 billion miles away from Earth, which means that it holds the record for being the farthest dwarf planet ever spotted.

Experts from The Carnegie Institution declared that it’s difficult to study and find out more about the new-found planet. The distance and the fact that it moves very slowly make things even harder. Initial evaluation shows that Farout is moving so slow that it could take around 1000 years until it completes only one circle around the Sun.

At this rate, it might last several years just to determine the planet’s orbit. On the other hand, the fact that it was spotted next to the other items from the Solar System could suggest that its orbit is similar to that of most planets from the same location.

Astronomers are determined to keep studying the dwarf planet, even if it will be a difficult task. They are convinced that thorough research will provide answers to most of their questions.

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