Female Right Whale Was Found Dead – Can We Prevent This From Happening?

A dead female whale was found in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Scientists say that this is a significant concern, due to the fact that healthy females are supposed to restore the endangered population.

The whale was known as Punctuation, and it was found dead on Wednesday, in the north of the Magdalen Islands. The had a small scar on her head that looked like commas and dashes, and this is where the nickname comes from. The whale was seen with the help of a Transport Canada surveillance flight.

Scientists are not sure why Punctuation died. It is quite tragic since the females have babies.

Fishery officers were able to attach to the carcass a satellite tag. However, due to stormy conditions that are expected in the next few days, it would be quite challenging to get the whale to the shore. They want to do a necropsy to find the cause of the death.

It is worth mentioning that Punctuation had eight calves. The first one in 1986 and the last one in 2016. Two of these calves had calves on their own, as well.

This is the second whale that dies this month

The carcass was known as Wolverine, and it was discovered this month in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. They did a necropsy. At first, they were not sure of the answer. However, they did not that the death did not appear to be the result of entanglement in fishing gear or a vessel strike.

Twelve whales were found in 2017. They did necropsies on 7 of them, and they found out that the whales died from trauma with vessel collisions. Two of them died because of entanglement in fishing gear.

There are estimated to be about 417 right whales in the world. The death outpaces the births.

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