$60 Home Security Camera Rivals The Expensive Nest Cam IQ

If you have set your mind on buying a home security camera and you don’t know what to choose, you have probably heard about the Nest Cam IQ which comes with advanced recognition options, but also with a price – it costs almost $300.

For those that cannot afford it but still want such a camera, there’s a $60 device called the Tend Insights Lynx Indoor 2. It is an indoor WiFi Security Camera that has similar functions like the Nest Cam IQ but at an insanely low price. You can buy five of these instead of one Nest Cam IQ, but is it worth your money?

Tend Insights Lynx Indoor 2 Features

Here’s a short description of the features that Lynx comes with. The 3-inch tall camera has face recognition, cloud storage, up to 20 feet night vision, 125-degree field of view and two-way audio.

One thing it lacks is that it doesn’t integrate with other smart home devices, but that’s not a nuisance. The 1080p video is delivered by the home security camera to your smartphone through the app Tend Secure which can be found in the Google and App stores.

Setting up the security camera is very easy, and it’s done through Bluetooth. What we like about Lynx is that it has the ability to identify familiar faces. It lets users add facial profiles just by using the phone’s camera, the photo gallery or photos in which a person has been tagged.

Once that profile is set up, the user receives check-in notifications when the camera recognizes that profile. As for unfamiliar faces, it will show them with a question mark.

Users also receive a motion-triggered notification which triggers the camera to record and store the footage for free in the cloud storage (for seven days).

In conclusion, for what it offers and the performance in such a small device, Lynx is the best choice at a great price.

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