5 Goals that Will Boost Your SEO Career

A new year has just begun. 2019 is shaping up be a great year for SEO workers since more and more business is interested in creating or boosting their online presence.

Those that own a site or are currently working on a SEO project will find a lot of inspiration in the goals that will be presented in the article. They may improve your performance or simply present a new and interesting angle that could be explored. Read below to learn more.

  1. Follow the latest trends in the industry

The early bird will be the first to catch the worm. Since technology is evolving constantly new SEO methods and tricks could appear. It is always important to be informed in order to have an edge. Being an early adopter could lead to valuable advantage in the long run.

  1. Explore voice search

Many continue to believe that voice search is nothing more than a gimmick but the reality is a bit different.  The era of the smartphone lead to the rise of vocal assistants and many people are already using them to search for a lot of content.  Voice search is already available on select PC websites, a clear hint that it will become even more popular in the future.

  1. A speedy website is a better website

This may seem like a minor thing but many users appreciate a site that loads faster in comparison to the competition. The ideal speed gravitates around 3 seconds and it can be easily achieved by correctly configuring and optimizing the target website.

  1. Links are important

Keeping your links updated and functional is a must for any successful site. Nothing is more annoying than searching several minutes for a topic and finding out that the only relevant link is broken.

  1. Push your brand

Pushing your brand will show that you care about what you do and you are really involved in your field. It also helps potential clients to contact you faster.

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