Breastfeeding Hockey mom from Alberta goes viral

A breastfeeding mom from Grande Prairie Alberta went viral on Facebook. Serah Small said she used the time between periods to feed her baby, social media users are sharing the post and... Read more »

Information Technologies reshaping the future

There is no doubt that Information Technology plays a really vital role in our daily lives, it’s applications, and potentials have not only tremendous effect on our present but also on our... Read more »

Ontario Premier Promises Free Child Care for Pre-schoolers Starting in 2020

The government’s budget being released on Wednesday will include a $930-million initiative to make licensed child care free for all pre-school aged children starting in 2020. This is part of a $2.2-billion... Read more »

Secret Gifts Become a New Headache for Canadian Prime Minister

A Caribbean holiday getaway has turned into a political nightmare for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a political leader who has been enduring heavy criticism and very low approval ratings since 2017. According... Read more »

Tories Continue to Pressure PM Trudeau Over India Trip Fiasco

Conservative leaders are urging Members of Parliament to stay in Ottawa through the end of March so that they can continue to push for answers about the Prime Minister’s disastrous visit to... Read more »

Progressive Conservative Doug Ford Touts Manufacturing Come-Back For Ontario

Doug Ford was recently elected leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party. He’s wasted no time in traveling extensively across the province to preach the importance of bringing back manufacturing jobs to the... Read more »

Federal government appears ready to deal with a serious opioid crisis

It’s no secret. There’s a serious opioid crisis in Canada. The real question is what to do about it. The federal government moved Monday to make prescription opioids easier for doctors to prescribe and... Read more »

Canadian Liberals Are Losing Male Voters; Here’s Why

As friction between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his own party deepens, political strategists are seeing a new development that will likely become an important and decisive factor in future elections. According... Read more »

Maybe Conservatives’ protests aren’t finished as they threaten to turn up heat in Atwal affair

If you thought the 20-hour Conservative Party filibuster in the House of Commons last week was the last you would hear about the Jaspal Atwal affair, you were wrong. Conservatives are planning... Read more »

Protester Shuts Down Faith Goldy’s Anti-Immigration Speech At An Ontario College

Just five minutes after conservative commentator Faith Goldy was slated to speak at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) on March 20th, someone decided to disrupt the event by pulling the fire alarm. in response to... Read more »