Canada’s GDP Worse Than Predicted

Canada’s economy slowed down more than predicted in the second half of last year. Reports released on Friday show that while economists expected a 2 percent growth, the economy only grew at... Read more »

Nav Canada seeks minorities to fill air traffic controller jobs

It’s a new era in Canada. It’s the era of the quota filler. You know what that means. No longer do Canadian jobs, especially Canadian government jobs, go to the best person... Read more »

Sharks in Greenland in their Natural Habitat

142 Greenland sharks were identified in Newfoundland. This marine species is one of the largest and oldest on the planet inhabiting the icy waters of Nunavut. Scientists collected more than 248 hours of... Read more »

Sports and Gender in the new Budget

The federal budget that was released on Tuesday included many measures in an attempt to close policy gaps between women and men and act on the results of a never before done... Read more »

India Angered over Justin Trudeau’s Defense of Unnamed Official

On Wednesday the Indian government made it clear that they were very upset about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s defense of his official who said that their recent visit to India was sabotaged... Read more »

Vatican report uncovers orgies scandal among gay priests

In a statement, the Neapolitan archdiocese explains that it received the report on February 28th from Francesco Mangiacapra, a young gigolo who has been responsible for gathering information and transmitting it to... Read more »

Canada proposes that drug insurance be free

The most recent budget of the Canadian government includes a space dedicated to a topic that has been debated for years in the country, without any conclusion. Should the drugs be covered by the... Read more »

The results of Trudeau’s vacation yield more hits from India and U.S.

It was supposed to be a vacation. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent trip to India has turned into a disaster for Canadians. First, U.S. President Donald Trump announced he was levelling... Read more »

Trudeau won’t accept responsibility after India punishes Canada by increasing tariffs on chickpeas

Just recently India has raised raise tariffs on chickpeas from Canada to 60 per cent, up from 40 per cent. The increased tariffs caused a stir in the House of Commons yesterday... Read more »

Trump threatens Canada’s weakest negotiating link: Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau has no experience negotiating, which could prove to be costly for the Canadian economy. President Donald Trump threatened to increase tariffs on steel which, if included Canada, could hurt or... Read more »