Edmonton man charged with threatening prime minister on social media

EDMONTON — Police have charged an Edmonton man with threatening Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. RCMP say the man was arrested last Thursday following an investigation into social media posts. The RCMP Integrated... Read more »

Trudeau announces two-way investment deal with India worth $1 billion

MUMBAI, India — Some of India’s biggest companies say they will invest more than $250 million in Canada, in everything from pulp mills to pharmaceuticals and the IT sector. Canadian companies, meanwhile,... Read more »

When Come From Away came to Canada Trudeau and family were checking out India

Remember last spring, when our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was widely criticized for spending $30,000 to buy 600 concert tickets for Come From Away, a musical in New York City? Well, guess... Read more »

School Teacher and Brother Taken Into Custody For Holding Explosives

In recent news, two people, a school teacher and his brother, have been taken into custody for holding explosives. There was also a note written by the brothers that read, “under the... Read more »

Is The Current Cash In Bank Asya Supporting Terrorism?

The Asya bank was once a prominent bank in Turkey but not anymore. However, in recent reports, it has been revealed that the Supreme Court Of Appeals in Turkey has ruled the... Read more »

Trudeau family trip to India even draws criticism there

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his wife, three children and a collection of Canadian cabinet ministers jaunt around India with Canadian taxpayers footing the bill, he’s drawing criticism from not only the... Read more »

Trudeau federal government moves to repair fencing with India

The Trudeau govt is actually reaching in order to repair barricades with an Indian political leader that has actually been implicated with involving Sikh separatists within its own cabinet. Capt. Amarinder Singh... Read more »

Senator Jeff Flake Does Not Seem Happy With Trump’s Immigration Policy

One thing we all know for sure is that Trump has been quite stern with his take and action on immigration policies. People have been left in a stake of shock and... Read more »

Operating a successful medical practice revolves around, medicine and hospitality.

Physicians Should Practice Medicine & Staff Should Practice Hospitality. During my tenure of 25 years in working with physician practices, I have often found a grumpy a receptionist, a staff following redundant... Read more »

Goldman Sachs Warns About US Interest Rates And Debt

In recent news, Goldman Sachs has warned the United States of possible increases in not just interest rates, but believes that the country will face high debt levels as well. Moreover, the... Read more »