Kim Jong Un to meet South Korean Officials

According to a South Korean government official, Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, is going to be meeting with high-ranking South Korean officials in Pyongyang today. This is the first... Read more »

Robert Mueller Demanding all Documents that Mention Trump

Over the weekend witnesses have been issued with a subpoena demanding they turn over all documents related to United States President Donald Trump and his advisors. This was decided by the grand... Read more »

Populist Five Star Party Wins a Third of the Vote in Italy’s Election

Italy is headed towards a hung parliament today after an election saw Italian voters opt for the anti-establishment parties and shun mainstream politicians. The official vote count is continuing today, but after... Read more »

Kenney threatens to limit flow of oil to B.C., and put toll on natural gas

VANCOUVER — Jason Kenney, Alberta’s Opposition leader and candidate for premier, says his government would ensure “serious consequences” for British Columbia if it blocks the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Kenney said Monday... Read more »

China Raises Defense Spending Again

China will be releasing their new defense budget next week, which has caused a senior diplomat to announce on Sunday that it is not meant as a threat to anyone and is... Read more »

First Hindu Woman Elected to Senate in Pakistan

For the first time in history, a female Hindu has been elected to the Pakistan Senate in an election held this weekend, defeating a cleric who was linked to the Taliban.Krishna Kumari... Read more »

Canada could be target of election interference

There was and still is a lot of talk about Russia’s interference in the last U.S. election. But what about Canada’s federal election scheduled for next year? Could we be hit too?... Read more »

UN to Provide Humanitarian Aid “Between Attacks”

The UN is to provide  aid to Eastern Ghouta, an enclave of rebels opposed to the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, which has been hit by deadly bombardments in the last 15... Read more »

New Dating Website is Homophobic, Preys on Gay Men

The gay community has had to fight many stigmas throughout the last few decades, many of which are finally starting to subside. However, that doesn’t stop everyone from churning the pot and... Read more »

Germany’s Political Deadlock Finally at an End

This weekend the Social Democratic Party of Germany voted to renew a coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats, guiding the way for her 4th term after half a year of political... Read more »