Canada’s beer can’t roam free after Supreme Court decision

In a country where people from foreign lands can merely walk across our border into the welcoming arms of the RCMP and live happily ever after, Canadians can’t even have the freedom... Read more »

Quebec City police say two-year-old girl was stabbed to death

QUEBEC — Police say a two-year-old Quebec girl who died in hospital after being found in a garbage can had been stabbed. Rosalie Gagnon’s mother was charged Thursday with mischief, violating probation... Read more »

Priorities are starkly different between Trump and Trudeau

While Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in London, England talking about gender equality and resisting a ban on single-use plastics,  President Donald Trump was in Florida, preparing for a summit with North Korea’s... Read more »

Still investigating: RCMP say too early to know what happened in Broncos crash

REGINA — It could be weeks or even months before police know why a truck was in a rural Saskatchewan intersection when it crashed with a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos hockey... Read more »

Civil rights groups worried about G7 summit in Quebec

It was a nightmare that should never be repeated. Back in 2010, the Muskoka region, north of Toronto, hosted the G20 summit and protesters, who really had no idea what they were... Read more »

Liberals give themselves $7 billion as slush fund to use as they wish

The federal Liberal government has come up with a new way to protect itself against budgetary mistakes. It just created a $7-billion “slush fund.” Worried about that pile of money being available... Read more »

Kinder Morgan CEO says recent events confirm Trans Mountain may be ‘untenable’

CALGARY — The CEO of Kinder Morgan says events in recent days have reinforced his concerns about the viability of the Trans Mountain oil pipeline expansion project. “It’s become clear this particular... Read more »

Ont. Premier Wynne calls PC Leader Ford a ‘bully,’ says he’s just like Trump

TORONTO — Tensions between Ontario’s premier and the leader of the Opposition escalated Wednesday as Kathleen Wynne accused Doug Ford of being just like U.S. President Donald Trump, in what experts predict... Read more »

It’s time to end all the madness and suspend third-country deal

It has started again. Illegal immigrants shunned by U.S. President Donald Trump are flooding over the Canada-U.S. border into Quebec, forcing Canadian officials to call in the RCMP to welcome them in... Read more »

Trudeau to meet Queen, compare notes with British PM Theresa May in London

LONDON — An audience with the Queen will highlight Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first full day in the United Kingdom on Wednesday, as he nears the end of a three-country tour that... Read more »