China Is The Culprit For Most of the Global CFC-11 Emissions That Harms the Ozone Layer

Scientists recently published a study that points out the fact that 40-60% of the global emissions of a banned chemical originate from China. Back in the 1980s, 197 countries from all around... Read more »

Pluto Might Have A Liquid Ocean Under Its Surface, Beneath Sputnik Planitia

After some computer simulation, scientists have found that an Ocean exists under the icy crust of Sputnik Planitia, an area near the equator and around the size of Texas. The simulations made... Read more »

What Is Ultima Thule Learning Us about the Farthest Place the Humans Have Visited?

Ultima Thule is a peanut-shaped object in our Solar System, far distant than Pluto, like about a billion miles away, and it’s currently the farthest place that humans have visited by now.... Read more »

West Antarctic Ice Has 25% Chances to Collapse

More bad news is coming regarding the glaciers and ice sheets from Antarctica. The Western part of Antarctica is getting thinner and weaker over the past century, and more than 24% of... Read more »

Another Pharaoh Tut’s Mystery Solved – The Libyan Desert Glass, Produced by Meteorite Impacts

For those who didn’t know until now, Tutankhamun, or Pharaoh Tut, was an Egyptian king who was on the throne between 1,323 and 1,332 BC. His tomb was discovered almost intact back... Read more »

NASA’s Plan for the Artemis Program it’s Granting $45.5 Million for a Private Moon Lander

NASA has big plans for the next lunar spacecraft, and it’s proposing a public-private project. NASA is granting $45.5 million to eleven U.S companies (SpaceX and Blue Origin are included) for a... Read more »

NASA Has Published the Story of the Most Distant World

Three months ago, NASA released for the public some images with the Ultima Thule, an object from the Kuiper Belt discovered by New Horizons. The Ultima Thule is the farthest world that... Read more »

Do You Know Why You Can’t Remember Your Dreams?

Maybe you have struggled to remember some details of your dreams, perhaps a dream in particular that have made you question your thoughts. But the answer is not that simple, because it... Read more »

Spiders Attract Prey With Slingshot made Of Their Web

Scientists from the University of Akron analyzed a type of spider that can gradually expand its web rigid and then drop it, making the web to launch forward and entrap off guard... Read more »

Super corals give hope for world’s reefs suffering from climate change

“It’s unfortunately but inevitably true that things are going to get worse for reefs over the next 20 to 30 years, but that doesn’t mean it’s unstoppable,” said Dr. Christopher Jury, the... Read more »