Xiaomi Redmi Go Just Launched at Nearly $65: Full Specs, Features

Xiaomi just held an event in New Delhi, India and announced their first Android Go smartphone that comes at a very low price. It’s called Xiaomi Redmi Go, and it’s a low-end... Read more »

Google Stadia Is The New Cloud Gaming Platform, Announced At GDC 2019

The Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 brought us some big news from Google. The tech giant has just announced its new cloud gaming service, Google Stadia, which will launch this year. Stadia... Read more »

How AR Glasses Can Actually Improve AR Gaming

As of now, Apple’s augmented reality glasses are still rumored to be on the way, with some still suggesting they’ll be released this coming fall. Whenever they do come, they’re sure to... Read more »

Top Five Artificial Intelligence Books to Read

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved over time and moved from being just a futuristic concept to becoming an everyday reality. With its help, the human race is gradually being ushered into a... Read more »

Scientists Are Witnessing The Birth Of A Planetary System Similar To Our Own

The birth of our solar system is still clouded in mystery. However, scientists believe that they can learn more by observing the formation of planetary systems similar to our own. Tomoyuki Kudo... Read more »

A Quantum Computer Was Used To Make Time Go Back On The Smallest Scale

Time travel isn’t that impossible when it comes to a quantum scale. An experiment made by a team of researchers from the United States and Russia tried to bend the second law... Read more »

A Small Plane Crashed in the Middle of a Road in Canada

A driver of a Toronto-area tow truck stated that he was lucky to be alive after a small plane crashed on the road and misses him, somewhere near Buttonville Airport in Markham,... Read more »

When Actors Are in Character, Their Brain Activity Is Different

We all wanted to be actors when we were young. It is true art, actually. However, scientists can’t really figure out what happens in the head of an actor. Researchers are not... Read more »

2020 Ford Explorer Will Come With Self-Healing Tires

The 2020 Ford Explorer will come with several new features and enhancements, and while they all look incredible, there is one that got our attention immediately. Ford collaborated with Michelin, and, together,... Read more »

Pokemon Funko New “Charmander Pop” Figure – Late March Release Date

We have some great news for Pokemon fans who enjoy collecting figures. Funko and the Pokemon Company have teamed up once again in order to create a new Pokemon figure for Charmander... Read more »