What Can You do to Prevent Common Colds in Kids?

We all know what it was like when we were kids, and we sneezed all the time. It’s quite hard for kids to ignore it, especially in Winter time. It’s true, parents do their best to prevent their kid from getting sick, but some of the pieces of advice don’t really help.

Parents use a lot of methods to prevent common cold, but there’s no proof that they actually work. And colds are quite common in children. They get about 3-6 colds each year, and it can last as much as two weeks.

A study was recently made with the help of 1000 parents. It’s been shown that most of them use evidence-based recommendations in treating the cold.

What does actually work?

First of all: personal hygiene. It’s the best way to prevent getting sick. Cold is actually spread when mucous droplets from the mouth or the nose of an infected person get into the body of a healthy one. It can happen through sneezing or coughing. Hand hygiene is the most important one, so don’t forget to tell your kids to wash their hands with soap and water.

Germs can also live on different surfaces – door handles, phonesand toys, countertops. Your kid could get infected from touching these surfaces.

Also, teach your kid not to share utensils or to drink from the bottle of another kid.

What doesn’t actually work?

Over-the-counter vitamins or supplements. Vitamin C or multivitamins do not prevent colds. They’re commonly used and everyone advise everyone to take vitamins when you’re cold. It’s a myth.

Also, keep in mind that Vitamin A D E and K should not be taken in large quantities, as they can become harmful. Vitamin C in large quantities is not harmful, but it’s not useful either.

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