Waiting for Medical Treatment Cost Canadians $1.9 Billion in Lost Wages

“Time is money”. A common phrase that holds a lot of value in itself seems to fit perfectly to describe the predicament of common Canadians. While Canada has long been proud and boastful of its medical setup, it may not be as smooth or as utopian as many Liberals would have the world believe.

In a report released by the respectable Fraser Institute, an estimated $1.9 billion in wages was lost by ordinary Canadians simply because they were caught in the Kafkaesque process of waiting in line for medical treatment.

The report further indicated that the number of Canadians that had to wait in order to get medical treatment crossed the 1 million figure by a considerably margin. Compared to other countries that have a similar national health service, Canadians have had to wait the longest for medical treatments.

The whole process was grueling itself. However, the real damage was the hours that so many Canadians lost while waiting for treatment. The more time Canadians had to wait in line for their turn, the more precious work hours they lost.

The report contains a separate portion in order to cover the other costs of this prolonged procedure of medical treatment. Canadians are also missing out on intangible gains such as time spent with family and friends. This has a direct impact on the overall satisfaction and motivation of these people.

Titled “Waiting Your Turn” also revealed that the overall waiting time extends even further if you’ve an appointment with a specialist. This number goes even further if you are referred to another doctor by the first doctor you get an appointment with.

Out of all the provinces, the residents of British Columbia had to lose the most as by average citizens lost an estimate $2,362 while waiting.

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