Vaping Has Met Its Popularity in Canadian Teens

New research has shown that vaping among teens from Canada got up to 74% in one year. The big brands of e-cigs are gaining fame, and, also, a foothold. This situation can lead to the risks of the evolution of vaping. In an online survey, with people aged 16 to 19 that took part, stated that vaping had met an increase from 8.4% to 14.6% in the last year. The rates of weekly use have also risen from 5.2% to 9.3% in one year, as well.

In 2018, Canada had legalized vaping, which led to international vaping brands to enter the national market. Just weeks after it became available in Canada, some of the brands have become very popular with teens. If we are to take a look at the US, researchers have found that there is a parallel between the rise of these brands and youth vaping.

The tobacco use is not in decline

This study has also found that youth smoking increased in 2017 from 10.7%  to 15.5%. This means that the initial thought – that tobacco use in Canada was in decline is now false. Scientists said that they would lead other studies. They also stated that it would be worrisome to come to the exact same conclusion.

The paper is based on online surveys, and it took place in Canada, the U.K, and the U.S in 2017-2018. The data was collected from 7.890 Canadians that got recruited through commercial panels. However, some people believe that online surveys cannot be assigned with a margin of error because they cannot sample the population randomly.

We all know that e-cigs can be a useful tool for adults that are trying to quit smoking, but the markets all around need to be careful to prevent the teens from Canada from making a habit out of e-cigs.

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