A few tricks to prevent the spread of bedbugs

Precautions Before Moving

Make sure that your clothes, bedding and objects are free from bedbugs and are placed in watertight containers or bags before being moved to new locations.

Keep your clothes, bedding and items in these containers or watertight bags until you are sure that the new home is free from bedbugs.

Carefully inspect your new home, paying particular attention to the rooms. Using a flashlight, check for cracks, cracks and moldings.

Clean the parts thoroughly and vacuum everything. Next, throw the bag or the contents of the vacuum cleaner out into a closed trash bin. Note that the vacuum cleaner can reduce the number of bugs but does not kill them.

Make sure the moving truck and the blankets used are free from bedbugs. If you hire a moving company, you should be aware of its preventive measures (eg cleaning the truck and the covers).

What if your new home is infested?

Notify your landlord immediately if there are bed bugs in your dwelling. He will then have to call in a qualified exterminator.

Above all, do not try to solve the problem yourself. Over-the-counter products hurt the work of exterminators. In addition, these products can be very hazardous to health if not used as recommended by the manufacturer.

If you have already installed your clothes and bedding in this new home, treat them in the dryer at the warmest cycle for at least 30 minutes. If you do not have a dryer or the textiles are dirty and must be washed before being dried, treat them in the washer with very hot water (60 ° C or 140 ° F). Have a complete wash cycle and make sure the water completely covers the items.

Put bedding and treated clothes in plastic bags until you use them or at the end of exterminator treatments.

Check the condition of the mattresses, box springs and upholstered furniture. Most can be treated if they are infested, but intact. Before discarding them, consult a certified exterminator.

Prepare for the exterminator’s arrival
Unclog all the pieces.


Be sure to close the bag of the vacuum cleaner and throw it away in the trash.

Precautions for used objects
Do not collect mattresses, furniture or objects found outdoors or in garbage. They may be infested;

Carefully inspect and clean second-hand items (eg, thrift stores, sale-stash) before introducing them into your home.

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