New Vaccine Against Allergy To Cats Is Under Development

Few things are worse than being an animal lover who suffers from allergies to animals. Many would love to have pets, but the symptoms of the allergies are too harsh to withstand. A team of researchers plans to solve this problem with the help of a new method.

Scientists have been hard at work on a new vaccine against allergy to cats, which are encountered in one out of ten people. In most cases, people who are allergic to cats will be to sneeze while also feeling itching sensations.

Many will be surprised by the fact that it is not humans who will receive the shot since it was developed with cats in mind. It is known that humans aren’t allergic to the cats themselves, with the trigger being a particular protein which is known under the name of Fel-d1 and encountered in the fur of the lovely creatures.

The new vaccine could prevent allergy to cats

The protein is transferred to the dander of the cat, or small dry skin fragments which are left around when the cat sits on objects. If these fragments are picked up by a person who is allergic to cat, it will trigger a histamine rush as the immune system believes that it is being exposed to a threat.

A study which took place in the UK argues that up to 50% of children affected by asthma are also allergic to cats, which means that they have use inhalers or anti-histamines to mitigate the issues. Once parents or the persons who adopted the cat realize that it is the source of the allergy, they tend to take it back to the shelter.

Ten years were spent on the creation of the vaccine, which can convince the immune system of the cat to seek and remove the Fel-d1 protein. Current shots can severely reduce the production of the protein. If everything goes according to plan, the vaccine will be available in less than three years.

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