Mom Makes Breast Milk Brownies, Doesn’t Know Why Everyone Is So Mad

One mother caused a outrage on social networks after saying she made a popular chocolate brownie cake with her breast milk. She told the brownies at a school bake sale and didn’t tell anyone, writes Independent.

After the other mothers became frustrated, she published her story on Facebook for advice, because it was not clear to her what the problem was. “I made brewnie with my mother’s milk for a school show,” she wrote. “I did not have time to run to the store and I do not see the problem. After all, some nutritional values ​​of my milk are certainly good and healthy for children, “commented Mom whose

Identity is subsequently hidden. “One of the mothers found out this and made a drama. I do not know what to do, “she wondered on Facebook, and then her post published by the popular site Sanctimommy, and since then,

only at that station has the release received more than 2.5 thousand reactions and more than a thousand comments, and has been distributed almost a thousand Times.
And the reactions are different. From complete confusion and disbelief to enthusiasm. An angry mom commented that it borders with a criminal offense. “Because breast milk, like blood or sperm, can carry different diseases. That’s why it is tested before it is given to a child. Why did not she make a smoothie of kale and coconut oil if she cares about the health of children? “She asks.
Some mothers asked and what is a brownie recipe for milk? And why instead of milk, she did not put some water?

There were women who went so far and recalled that HIV can be transmitted by breast milk, and that there is a possibility that the child is thus infected with hepatitis. “You might think it would be nice if your friend or nurse feeds your child if you are not nearby, but if you do not know the history of her health, it would be very risky,” one of the comments.

I shall forever remember today as the day I stopped supporting bake sales.

Posted by Sanctimommy on Monday, July 17, 2017

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