Legalizing pot in Ontario, some things to know

Smoking pot in Ontario will be easier than ever starting in July 2018.

The Ontario government announced their plan to give people some idea of who can smoke pot and how.

Government controlled LCBO will be the only retailer to sell pot and will oversee the legal aspects of it across 150 stores in Ontario.

Legal pot will also be available for purchase on the LCBO website.

All pot purchased online will be delivered right to your doorstep, all packages must be hand signed upon delivery and won’t be left unattended at the door.

LCBO will receive their products only from medical marijuana producers licenced by Health Canada.

Smoking weed will not be allowed in public, workplaces and your vehicles, employers who have a no-drug policy will make their announcements soon, but many say they will keep their no-drug policies in place for their own workplaces.

The proposed minimum age for smoking legal weed after July 1, 2018 is 19-years-old according to the premier Kathleen Wynne, she says the legal age should remain the same as the drinking legal age, which has been 19 since 1978.

Cigarettes are being sold behind curtains and cabinets to hide the products from children, this will be the same for weed, there won’t be any self-serve and staff handling the weed will require special training.

Weed prices and how they will be taxed will be left for each province to decide.

Ontario is the first province to come up with a plan, and other provinces may follow with this plan to build their own framework on how legal should be sold and distributed.


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