Jagmeet Singh calls to decriminalize all drugs including deadly drugs

Just before the federal NDP party chooses their new leader to replace current leader Thomas Mulcair, candidate Jagmeet Singh makes an announcement that could make or break him.

Singh calls to decriminalize all drugs, including dangerous drugs like opioid, heroin and cocaine.

“This does not sound to me like a criminal justice problem. That sounds to me like a social justice problem and a health-care problem,” he said.

“I would call for the decriminalization of all personal possession offences when it comes to drugs. Period.”

The death toll in Alberta for fentanyl overdoses has risen since 2011 when only 6 deaths were reported.

In 2016 that number jumped to 368 only from fentanyl overdoses causing Alberta to go into crisis mode.

Experts say the sudden cause of Albertas oil crash and layoffs is the main cause for the increase in drug usage.

In 2015 there was 247 fentanyl overdoses causing death at the same time an estimated 100,000 oilfield workers lost their jobs due to low oil prices.

Newly elected liberal leader Justin Trudeau and Alberta NDP premier Rachel Notley caused stress on many Albertans by proposing higher taxes, carbon taxes, and a delay in employment insurance for unemployed workers.

With the next federal election slowly approaching, it’s hard to predict how Alberta feels about Jagmeet Singh, only time will poll when polls start coming out as the campaign continues.

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Benjamin Diaz

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  1. Well, let’s hope that statement kills his bid for leader, because society is in free fall now as it is! Making drug use even easier certainly wouldn’t help!!

  2. Alcohol is a deadly drug too. Alcohol used to banned too, remember how well that turned out?

    Decriminalization just means that you’re not arresting and punishing users. It’s a common sense approach that saves money and saves lives.

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