Healthcare Costs for a Typical Canadian Family in a Year? $13,000

In another looming crisis that Conservatives had been warning about for years, the rising costs of insurance for Canada’s average family hit a record $13,000.

In a report released by the prestigious Fraser Institute, a reputed Canadian public policy think-tank, it was disclosed that the healthcare costs had reached record high numbers. An average family of four would have to pay $12,935 for healthcare in 2018.

A popular card that most leftists in the world like to fling around about Canada is its supposedly free healthcare. Apart from the fact that that statement is a blatant lie in itself, healthcare is far from free for the average Canadian.

In fact, it has been known for years that the average Canadian spends a lot more on the current healthcare system then they would otherwise. The reason why most Canadians are not outraged at the situation is primarily because they never get to see the bill for the service they have used.

Since, the Canadian government uses the general government revenue in order to fund its healthcare rather than a specific tax; it is next to impossible for an average Canadian to know how much they’re actually paying for their healthcare system.

When you get into the details, it becomes more and more evident that the Canadian people are being highly over-taxed for their healthcare services. For example, 10 percent of the Canadian families that earn the lowest will have to pay an average of nearly $500 per month while the top 10 percent will have to pay nearly $39,000.

There are growing calls for the government to reform the current system and make it more transparent for the average Canadian to understand how much exactly they pay for their healthcare.

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