A Woman Gave Birth in Vegetative State: The Sexual Assault Story That Had Everyone Shocked

There was a certain phone call made to 911, in which a nurse screamed that a baby was turning blue. She asked for the paramedics to come faster, as they weren’t prepared for that situation.

Nobody knew the woman was pregnant

Normally, a woman is going into labor at a hospital, or a different health-care facility, she has her own room that’s full of nurses that can manage any kind of situation. However, this was not the case. There’s a woman at Hacienda HealthCare that’s been in a vegetative state ever since 1992. And get this – she was pregnant, and no nurse knew about this.

How’s the baby?

The 911 call was released by police and it shows details about the birth that has come as a shock for many people. The baby was delivered by a nurse from the health-care organization, that’s been doing her job for 50 years. The baby was resuscitated and is being taken care of together with his mother now, and it will soon be taken in by a family.

What is the police doing?

The facility and the police are trying to find the father of the baby, and the person who’s responsible for the sexual assault – on a vulnerable adult.

The health organization wants to find the person accountable for such actions, responsible for a case that has devastated many people – the family of the woman involved, and the staff from the facility. The chief executive from Hacienda, named Bill Timmons resigned from his position. The police have got warrants to investigate Hacienda’s male staff members and to get their DNA samples. The police did not give any names and did not announce any arrests.


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