Marvel Avengers Gameplay And Storyline Revealed At San Diego Comic-Con 2019

The release of Marvel Avengers game is closer, and Crystal Dynamics surprised everyone on the first day of San Diego Comic-Con 2019 with the updated gameplay demo. We were delighted to find out, eventually, and not from rumors, what’s the game story and how the game will look.

Shaun Escayg is the creative director, and he revealed some quick details for the fans. He says that Marvel Avengers will have an original Avengers story, offering you the possibility to customize your hero. If you dreamt of being a hero, now is your chance to create one. Also, you will be able to connect with your friends to play the game online.

What is the Marvel Avengers game’s story?

There was also a Marvel Avengers gameplay footage art San Diego Comic-Con 2019 made things more clear. We found out from it that the game is splitting in two. One is the story campaign, in which you can play as all the Avengers. The other one is a cooperative portion that will allow you to choose and customize your Avengers character and play it online with your friends or family. Another presented detail in the video is the prologue of the story campaign. So, the city of San Francisco is under assault on A-Day. A-Day is a celebration of the Avengers opening up a West Coast branch.

Now, the most important part comes, as they battle with the bad guys and, prepare yourselves, Captain America gets killed during an explosion. The explosion is a tragic failure of one experimental Terrigen generator. It seems to be the plot made up by Crystal Dynamics, as after Captain’s death, the Avengers break up and struggle to pick up the pieces.

You can go through the story with every one of the Avengers. You will be Thor as you will carry a battle on the Golden Gate Bridge, then take over the role of Iron Man, followed by the Incredible Hulk. At least, you will be Black Widow as taking down Taskmaster, the boss character.
In the demo, we have spotted Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, and we can guess her appearance predict a significant plot point.

Marvel Avengers game teaser at Comic-Con 2019 did not reveal everything

If you’re a fan of the Marvel comics, do you remember what the Terrigen mist did? Yes, it created the Inhumans. The fog activated the hidden Inhuman genes in some people, and they gained specific powers hard to control or understand. In the comics, Kamala goes to this process and transforms into Ms. Marvel.

We don’t know for sure if the Inhumans will be a part of the plot. But the events from A-day, along with the loss of Captain America’s will be the start point of many scenarios in Marvel Avengers. It is clear that after the appearance of Inhumans, the Avengers will have to ease the public tension and conflicts. Medusa and Black Bolt, the leaders of the Inhumans, will appear in the game. Other heroes from the Marvel universe will come along, so it’s a huge possibility to have more of Ms. Marvel in the game.

The demo presented at Comic-Con also revealed us a cooperative option that will allow you to gather all the Avengers in one place and customize them. In the co-op, you will be able to take your customized version of the Avengers to play with your friends. At Comic-Con, we found out about the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and Marvel’s Avengers. But Crystal Dynamics still have new news for us to present, so if you are a Marvel fan, pay attention to what’s happening at the San Diego event.

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