BitLife 1.12 Patch Notes: Do We Really Get a Spa?

Candywriter always comes with new things for their life simulator called BitLife. It may be a new activity or new items, but we’re here to tell you everything we know.

There are new ribbons to collect in BitLife

There are 29 ribbons. You can get a ribbon is you live in BitLife in a certain way. You could be an evil person who wants to murder others, or you can be a successful businessman – there’s really a ribbon for everyone who plays this game. The two new ribbons are called Model Bitizen and Mooch. One has to do with living an exemplary life, and the other one has to do with mooching off your family.

New relationships adventures in BitLife

It was quite simple to interact with your family before this update. You could spend time together, speak to each other, ask your parents for money. But now there’s so much to do. If you get rich, you can share the money with your family. You can invite your brothers or sisters to a movie, or you can be a pain in the ass for them. You can insult them, you can argue with them, you can even fight them – you know, it’s a real family.

There are a salon and a spa

With this one, you have five options to choose from. You get a hair salon, a nail salon, a tanning salon, a massage salon, and a waxing salon. If you decide to get these treatments, you will be able to improve your happiness and the way you look. It’s best to make the most out of them before an audition for an acting role.

There’s an emergency room

Just like in real life, going to the emergency room might happen at some point. In BitLife, going to the emergency room might be the best idea, and not choosing a doctor. We’re not sure which are the best situations to come to the emergency room, but when you’re about to leave, they will rate how effective it was.


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