Patrick Whitesell’s Wife Cheated on Him with Jeff Bezos

We understand how Patrick Whitesell felt when he found out that his wife (Lauren Sánchez)  was having an affair with his friend (Jeff Bezos), who was married, too. He was blindsided, speechless. He didn’t know if the affair was serious, or if it has happened at all, or for how long it was going on.

How did Lauren and Jeff meet?

According to some sources, the couple already had some problems in their marriage in the last year, but they were trying to work things out. Another source has said that one of the persons from WME introduced Lauren to Jeff. It’s been said that they worked together on a documentary.

Whitesell and Bezos’ friendship

Patrick Whitesell and Jeff Bezos have known each other for a very long time and even worked together back in 2016, when they were promoting Manchester by the Sea, film in which Michelle Williams played. She was Whitesell’s client. The movie, which won an Oscar, was distributed by Amazon.

Bezos and MacKenzie’s marriage

Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie announced their plans to get a divorce on the 9th of January. They decided to remain friends, and posted on Twitter about their wonderful marriage and the years spent together.

Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the entire world, and he has a net worth of $144 billion. He has three sons and a daughter. He got married to his wife in September 1993.

Whitesell and Sánchez’s marriage

Patrick Whitesell and Lauren Sánchez got married in August 2005, and they have two kids together – a boy and a girl. There’s also a 17-year-old son, that Sánchez had with Tony Gonzalez.


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