Is Bird Box the Best Movie on Netflix Right Now?

The world has so many questions for Bird Box. About 26 million of people have watched the movie, which has Sandra Bullock and Trevante Rhodes, and it all happened within the first week of the release. And that number doesn’t include those outside of US who have watched it, and it doesn’t include the viewing on laptops, mobiles or tablets. And this is mostly why Netflix’s number is so much higher.

How did they do the math?

Some calculations were made, by sampling the “watching” habits of about 118,000 people – more than 45,000 homes. Bird Box came in second with its debut, Strange Things got its way to it in October 2017, with its debut. Netflix did not comment on these calculations.

How popular is this movie, actually?

The movie, of course, remained consistent after it premiered. We’re talking about 4 million viewers each day only in the US, in the first ten days. The highest single day of watching this movie was the 8th day of the release, which is not how usually things happen. It probably happened due to all the fuss around it.

The audience of the movie

The people watching it were of different ages, so it got a diverse audience to enjoy it. About 36% of the viewers were from 18 to 34 years old. 57% were females, and half of them – Hispanic or African American.

What has Netflix to say about this?

Netflix has said that Bird Box is the most watched movies from its entire history on the internet, and many people criticize it every day. However, by taking a look at the comments, we’re sure that it had a great impact on the world.




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