Here’s Why Netflix’s You Is Even Creepier Than Before

We come with news, and we come with spoilers. Don’t say you never got warned.

Netflix’s original series You is a wonderful psychological thriller that has in its center Gossip Girl’s lover boy Penn Badgley. He’s the creepy guy that does all the murder and stalking and so on.

The streamers have just dropped a new video of the series, and Joe is not there to narrate it, the thing that’s even more creepier.

Why Joe isn’t actually worth our pity

Fans went nuts about handsome Joe. He is shown as this romantic guy, but most fans seem to forget that he’s actually a stalker – a really sad one if you’re asking us. It’s understandable why fans don’t know if they should feel pity or sympathy for him.

Joe wasn’t really a very good narrator – due to the fact that the audience knew everything that was going on in his head and we only got his part of the story. What about Beck’s part? His inner monologue is so intense and honest; it’s normal that people started to ship the couple. But if you really think it through, it’s not a good thing, it’s quite disturbing.

The second season is a work-in-progress

The show got its second season, and we’re about to meet Joe’s new victim. We already know that Candance (Ambyr Childers) is here to stay, and we also found out that Victoria Pedretti (Nelly from Haunting of Hill House) is going to join the cast as the next Beck. She’s an aspiring chef in LA that works as a produce manager for a very popular grocery store. The interesting thing is that she’s not really interested in the whole social media thing.

We are looking forward to seeing how Joe is going to handle this one.





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