Five new SF books to read in April

We’re here to give you five new SF and fantasy books that are bound to make your life happier in April.

Linda Nagata – Edges

She first came with The Last Good Man, and she left a very good impression to the critics. Her latest novel is part of the series called Nanotech Succession, and the titles include The Bohr Maker, Deception Well, and Vast. These books are about humans and how they expanded into space. In the latest book, humanity has to fight with robotic alien ships. Urban has to find out what went wrong. Make sure you find out as soon as possible!

Nathan Ballingrud – Wounds

This one is a new collection that includes the story The Visible Filth. This story is the basis of a new horror movie about a bartender who is sent into a nightmare after he had found a strange phone at his workplace.

Some other stories are about a book thief who is sent to find a book that has the addresses of many artifacts from hell, and a city full of supernatural creatures.

Suzanne Palmer – Finder

This author got the Hugo Award for her novelette called The Secret Life of Bots. This year, she published her debut novel. This novel is about a professional repo man whose name is Fergus Ferguson. He took a job to steal a spaceship. When he does find one, war happens, and Ferguson has to save the locals.

Caitlin Starling – The Luminous Dead

This one is about Gyre Price, who lies to get into a team that goes to a dangerous expedition in order to find mineral deposits. However, Em knows her secret, and she plans on blackmailing her in order to control her. Our hero has to deal with paranoia and cave collapses.

Michael Moreci – We Are Mayhem

The first novel of the series is a homage brought to Star Wars. This novel is the follow-up. It continues the adventures from the first book, of Cade and Black Star Renegades, who destroyed the Praxis’ War Hammer – their warship. After this, the Praxis rules the galaxy in a tyrannical way, and Cade and his comrades have to deal with that. To defeat them, he has to find the origins of a mythical weapon.

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