Canada’s losing Jobs…and Trudeau’s doing nothing about it

The past few months have been anything but good publicity for Trudeau and his Liberal government. He and his ministers seem utterly clueless on a number of key issues. The recent Saudi... Read more »

The Toronto city council reduction was just what the Canadian democracy needed

Promises made and promises kept. It was something that had the exact affect it was supposed to have, leave the Liberals that had disregarded the governance of Toronto in a complete sense... Read more »

Trudeau’s diversity on trade is a scandal

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Most Canadians Don’t Trust Trudeau On Border Security

Despite what Justin Trudeau and his liberal media friends have tried to sell to the public as evidence of Canada’s continued policy of admitting refugees, the public seems to have had enough.... Read more »

$37,058 Taxes Paid By Canadians, More than Housing, Food and Clothing

Taxes can prove to devastating thing for citizens struggling to make their ends meet. For years, the liberals have sold Canada’s economic and social welfare system as something to be marveled at... Read more »

Global Affairs Canada Burning Through Taxpayers’ Money

It doesn’t matter whether the party that you vote for wins or not if they can promise to use our tax dollars for the right reasons. That’s the basic economic principle that... Read more »

Obama, NOT Trump caused America’s distancing from democracies abroad

The liberal media has been more than happy to portray Trump as someone who has single-handedly dug the United States into a diplomatic hole. There are constant reports coming up with new... Read more »

Pretty Hair And Selfies Won’t Solve Saudi Dispute

For all the talks of Trudeau being the charmer that Liberals love to hype up, he has proven to be the anti-thesis of everything he promised since day one. Today, Canada finds... Read more »

Canadian Provinces United against Trudeau’s “Carbon Tax”

It seems that this week will go down in the history, as the week where the liberals made it apparent that they would not entertain any contradictory evidence against global warming. First,... Read more »

Building the Energy East Pipeline would be perfect retaliation against Saudi Arabia

Canada is looking weaker and weaker to the world stage thanks to Justin Trudeau. Recently Canada got hit by a diplomatic disaster that caused a wave of negative impacts on our country,... Read more »