Facebook Approves Fake News Ads While Banning Conservative News

Facebook hired AFP Canada as a fact checking service to lower reach for some Conservative websites. Facebook sends notifications to everyone who shared a story that was deemed as false by AFP,... Read more »

Trudeau Finally Speaks Out….A Little…On Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The pressure is on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On Thursday Trudeau continued to face questions from reporters regarding the 18-year-old allegation that he groped a female reporter during the Kokanee Summit... Read more »

Charges dropped against Syrian refugee who sexually assaulted teen girls in West Edmonton Mall

Soeliman Hajj Soleiman, a Syrian refugee was arrested in February 2017 after young teen girls reported the man touched them inappropriately at the West Edmonton Mall water park. All charges were dropped... Read more »

How to stop the Ocean Pollution in Canada

It may seem incomprehensible that an ocean bites the dust, but when the marine life that lives inside the oceans begins to pass and more and more types of fish and marine... Read more »

Trudeau says women often see groping incidents differently

Justin Trudeau is in damage control mode. The Canadian Prime Minister is responding for the first time to allegations that he groped a female reporter at a music festival back in August... Read more »

Doug Ford is right, the border crisis is Trudeau’s mess

Finally Canada has a politician that speaks aloud what we all think, the border crisis is Justin Trudeau’s fault. Most Canadians would agree that crossing the border illegally into Canada needs to... Read more »

Liberals Are Already Trying to Capitalize on the Marijuana Legislation

The ink is still wet on Bill C-45 and the Liberal Party is already running fundraising advertisements on Facebook, asking their supporters to donate towards their fight to keep marijuana legal. The... Read more »

2017’s Fundraising Efforts Leave Liberals Falling Almost $5 Million Behind Conservatives

Recently released financial reports showed that while Liberals may currently govern Canada, the Conservative party completely blew their 2017 fundraising efforts out of the water. With their $18.84 million raised compared to... Read more »

Canadian Conservatives Announce Intent to Defend Jobs

With a Twitter update posted on the day before Americans gathered to celebrate their independence, the Conservative Party of Canada made it clear that their leadership will work with the federal government... Read more »

Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau half-admitted Justin cheated on her in 2015

After an old article resurfaced of Justin Trudeau groping a young female reporter in 2000, a new wave of old articles seem to appearing on public discussion boards. Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau agreed that... Read more »