Canadian Activist Nora Loreto calls to Decapitate Melania Trump on Twitter

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Canadian Liberals Shamelessly Piggyback on Marijuana Bill to Raise Funds

Canadian Liberals Shamelessly Piggyback on Marijuana Bill to Raise Funds It took less than 24 hours for Liberals to take advantage of cannabis legalization to shape their political agenda and raise campaign... Read more »

Trudeau Needs To Stop Tweeting And Start Working Instead

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Ontario’s New Premier To Put Canada First of Trade War

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Some Americans disapprove of Justin Trudeau

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Canada’s Supreme Court Rules Christian Law School Would Discriminate LGBTQ Students

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Here’s why Trump attacked Justin Trudeau and praised Kim Jong-un hours later

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Muslim MP accuses Conservatives of Islamophobia for long work day in House of Commons

Bad timing or targeted Islamophobia? Liberal MPs accused the Conservatives of Islamophobia after Andrew Scheer forced members of parliament to vote for up to 25 hours straight, the voting session to uncover... Read more »

House of Commons is still awake 10 hours later

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Trump Did the Right Thing Calling Kim Jong Un “A Smart Guy”

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