Kinder Morgan protesters not happy after waking up to graffiti on their camp site

A Kinder Morgan protest group woke up Saturday morning to find graffiti on their front steps. Woke up to graffiti this morning at Camp Cloud at KM Surveillance Post. The cabin built... Read more »

Machine Learning from process of creation to application

Machine Learning, we hear about it all the time but what is it? Machine Learning or (ML) by definition is a type of Artificial Intelligence used to automatically enable the ability of... Read more »

New ICO paradigm? 8th Continent built China Next-generation Digital Economy

The largest Initial Coin Offering, ICO for short, will probably be the one Beijing Government is to launch in the coming months, according to local official newspapers, nevertheless it will not be... Read more »

Alberta man identifies as woman and saves $1094 on car insurance

What would you do to save money on car insurance in Canada? Turns out you only need to identify as a different gender. A man only known as “Anotherlink421” on the popular... Read more »

University of Utah now has Cry Closet that students can use as safe space to cry

A student project that’s different. The University of Utah has a closet where students can enter and cry, one at a time. “Just let it all out,” university spokeswoman Jana Cunningham told... Read more »

Terrorism is dirty word for RCMP and Trudeau

In the wake of Toronto’s deadly van attack, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is towing the “company line.” It seems the RCMP doesn’t want to call this event a terrorist attack. Global... Read more »

Europe’s Pop Princess takes time off Show-Business to volunteer teaching!

Celeste Buckingham who is often referred to as Europe’s Pop Princess,  is a rare talent. Blending urban flavors and rock sounds, the certified platinum artist and MTV Award winner, already had a... Read more »

Canadian companies are desperate for workers

Some are calling it the worst labour shortage in almost 60 years. And it could get worse. A Global News story from Erica Alini Friday put it all in perspective. “With unemployment near... Read more »

Toddler Alfie Evans dies after parents lose legal battle

Alfie Evans has died Saturday morning confirmed his parents on Facebook. The baby was taken off life support ten hours before he died, he suffered from a terminal illness. The parents said... Read more »

Trudeau gives free speech new meaning

If you ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau what free speech means, you might get different answers each time you pose the question. You see, Prime Minister Trudeau’s government, which has stated it’s... Read more »