Eating Raw Cookie Dough Is Dangerous: PHAC

OTTAWA | The recent outbreak of E. coli infections has prompted the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to remind people that it is dangerous to eat raw cookie dough. The Canadian... Read more »

Antibacterial Soaps Could Be Dangerous: Study

TORONTO – It is better to wash your hands rather than using hydroalcoholic gel. This was announced by some 200 researchers who co-authored a panel on June 20, “The Florence Statement” published in... Read more »

Biggest ever study notes: “Bees dying from pesticides”

A new study into the use of neonicotinoid pesticides that the controversial pesticides are dangerous to bees. The researchers found that honey bees were exposed to the chemicals are less likely to... Read more »

Patrons of Toronto restaurant exposed to hepatitis A

Toronto – Toronto Public Health is notifying anyone who has consumed beverages or food at O’Grady’s Restaurant, Church Street, June 7-23 that they may have contracted hepatitis A. The authorities confirmed that an... Read more »

Infant Overheats On Plane, United Apologizes

According to media reports Thrusday, a mother in Colorado claims she wasn’t allowed off a delayed United Airlines flight despite fears her baby’s life was in danger. Superior resident Emily France and... Read more »

Prince Edward Island: Right Whale Carcass To Be Investigated

The Canadian Coast Guard and Fisheries and Oceans Canada towed the carcass of a right whale to a beach on Prince Edward Island in an attempt to understand what killed more than... Read more »

Canadian Researchers Develop Cancer Detection Probe

An optical probe that can be used to detect cancer cells in a 100% accurate way has been developed by Quebec researchers. In 2015, a Montreal team (Polytechnique Montréal, CRCHUM and Neuro... Read more »

Sunscreen Could Become Dangerous With Water, Sun Exposure

Ottawa – Sunscreens can decompose by interacting with chlorinated water and solar radiation, giving rise to potentially dangerous products, Russian researchers warn. Scientists at Lemonosov University in Moscow have focused more specifically... Read more »

Gulf of St. Lawrence: two whales allegedly subjected to blunt trauma

Two North Atlantic right whales found dead in the Gulf of St. Lawrence seem to have suffered a blunt trauma, but it is still too early to rule out other causes that... Read more »

In Montreal, Obama reassures Canadians about the environment

If former US President Barack Obama reiterated his disappointment at the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Accord on Climate Change last week, he reassured himself that many environmental advances will survive... Read more »