Black Historic History Manipulated For Profit Maple Shade Borrows Dr. King Legacy

For the past three years, Camden City, New Jersey has been on the map for a historic discovery of an early residence of Martin Luther King Jr. during his days at Crozer... Read more »

Forceful Indoctrination of Children through Leftist Transgender Dogma

Children who attend American Public Schools are no longer being taught traditional values, but are being fed leftist dogma that doesn’t make any sense. A recent case has surfaced, where it has... Read more »

The RET Tour (Ronnie Laws, Eloise Laws, Tom Browne) Takes San Diego by Storm in an Evening of Jazz and Soul on Friday, April 27, 2018

By Risa Wheat On Friday, April 27th, 2018 there was a sold out, standing room only party going in the Pavilion Ballroom at the Four Points by Sheraton in beautiful San Diego,... Read more »

Senator John McCain dies at 81

Senator John McCain died today just one day after he announced he will stop treatment on his cancer which was discovered on 2017. A statement said Mr. McCain died at 4:28 p.m... Read more »

South Jersey Candidate For Congress Leaned On To Drop Story

Outrage ensued after the City of Camden diverted a grant of 229,000 allocated for the preservation of this Camden home at 753 Walnut St. in Southern New Jersey. The legacy of this... Read more »

Corbyn Shared a Stage with Terrorist Linked to Toronto Man’s Murder

The big news this week from the United Kingdom really shouldn’t have surprised anyone. The Labor leader who hopes to become the Prime Minister of the UK shared a stage with a... Read more »

Obama, NOT Trump caused America’s distancing from democracies abroad

The liberal media has been more than happy to portray Trump as someone who has single-handedly dug the United States into a diplomatic hole. There are constant reports coming up with new... Read more »

Danny DeVito said Trump is keeping illegal immigrants in “concentration camps.”

Everyone knows Actor Danny DeVito for his role in classic comedy movies, the short stubby guy fans love the most, but his love from fans took a dive after he falsely claimed the Trump... Read more »

Antifa, the real Fascists of the 21st Century

Winston Churchill was a man of great wisdom. He was also a man never short of providing witty remarks that continue to resonate today. One such piece of wisdom was when he... Read more »

“Liberals Can’t Bully Me!” – Kanye Speaks Out

Kanye West has chosen to speak out an issue that caused a storm a few months back. It all started when he uploaded picture of himself on Twitter in a “Make America... Read more »