North Korea is open for talks with the United States

South Korean officials say North Korea is open for talks with the United States, despite recent Pyongyang war reports. The South Korean President’s office said the comments were made at a meeting... Read more »

Gun Laws and the Mark of Shame

Why the minimum age allowed to own semi-automatic weapons is lower than the age allowed for buying alcohol, is a question still being ponders by the Masses.  Klaus-Dieter Frankenberger (FAZ) Following the... Read more »

Dutch parliament recognizes Armenian killings as “genocide” 

Lawmakers in the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament have passed a resolution recognizing as “genocide” massacres against Armenians from the Ottoman Empire in 1915, a decision that has caused anger in... Read more »

Argentina, cocaine traffic through the Russian Embassy, ​​5 arrested

Five people allegedly members of a drug trafficking network have been arrested in Argentina and Russia in the framework of a joint police investigation. This investigation began a year ago, as 389... Read more »

Merkel: The deal for the new German government will be good for the EU

Germany has major plans for the European Union (EU), said Chancellor Angela Merkel to the Budenstag on the eve of an informal EU meeting in Brussels. But first she needs the government.... Read more »

Trump Could Reform Gun Laws If He Uses the Opportunity

President Donald Trump could have a golden chance to show his commitment regarding solutions to gun violence. Trump could speak in the Conservative Political Action Conference which is a rampart of support... Read more »

Syria’s war, following the shelling in Ghouta, marks 380 casualties

Syrian government forces are reported to have launched a new wave of air strikes, using heavy artillery, in the area surrounded by rebels in East Ghoutan. The attacks have left at least... Read more »

Trump’s Vision Doesn’t Incorporate Immigrants

Trump’s stance and vision on immigrants hasn’t been positive at all, but what Trump fails to realize is that he will need the help of the labor force. Immigration was altogether left... Read more »

Trump Suggests Arming Teachers with Guns to Prevent School Shootings

President Donald Trump has said that in order to prevent the mass shootings, he is going to consider a solution to arm the school teachers. The President was holding a session at... Read more »

Egypt: 21 Sentenced To Death on Terrorism Charges

21 Egyptian people were sentenced to death on Thursday and seven were sentenced for life in prison for being affiliated with extremist Islamic State groups. A Cairo court gave twenty-one Egyptians the... Read more »