Vatican report uncovers orgies scandal among gay priests

In a statement, the Neapolitan archdiocese explains that it received the report on February 28th from Francesco Mangiacapra, a young gigolo who has been responsible for gathering information and transmitting it to... Read more »


22 projects were approved under the National Irrigation Program, totaling 248 million. “At this moment, 22 projects are approved, which correspond to 248 million euros, and the remaining will be to approve... Read more »

West Palm Beach City Commissioner Shanon Materio Hasn’t Committed To Serving A Full Two-Year Term

Materio has a checkered past of using the political process to support her personal ambitions Those running for mayor of West Palm Beach are beginning to announce their candidacy for the March... Read more »

North Korea supplies equipment for chemical weapons to Syria

A report of the United Nations shows that North Korea has been sending equipment to Syria, which could be used to produce chemical weapons. According to this report, about 40 unregistered shipments... Read more »

Trump rebuked General Prosecutor Jeff Sessions

Wednesday – President Donald Trump criticized again, General Prosecutor Jeff Sessions. He considered his behavior “unacceptable”, because he was seeking to conduct an investigation of how officials tried to secure approval for... Read more »

Slovakia is shaken by the murder of a Journalist

Jan Kuciak – Is a Slovak journalist who was killed along with his girlfriend. He had worked for more than a year on the activities of the famous Italian Mafia organization ‘Ndrageta’. ... Read more »

Presidential son-in-law loses access to America’s Top Secret information

President Donald Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner, loses the access to the most sensitive and secret information of America, which are provided daily to the president during the so-called “Daily Info... Read more »

Seoul, calls on the United States to start talks with Pyongyang

South Korean President has call on the United States today about starting talks with North Korea, after a delegation from his country, confirmed Pyongyang’s readiness for talks with Washington. During a meeting... Read more »

Erdogan gives strong message to terrorists: We will go until the end!

Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, during a speech at the 6th regular AK Party Congress in Osmaniye, has announced that it has reached 1,951 the number of neutralised terrorists within the “Olive... Read more »

There is tension between the Netherlands and Turkey

  The Dutch parliament voted to recognize the genocide massacre of the Ottoman Empire of 1915 of 1.5 million Armenians. This vote was followed by a diplomatic “clash” between the Netherlands and... Read more »