Angry Migrants at Swedish Rally Punch Anti-Immigrant Party Member

Talk to any pro immigrant and they would say that all immigrants and locals are assimilating quite well in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. Well, if events of the past week are... Read more »

Trump Plans to Cancel Pay Raise for Federal Workforce

Any organization that is more than $20 trillion in debt – Ok, there might not be any organizations under $20 million debt – but all organizations bleeding money would definitely not want... Read more »

Cricket Legend Decides to Leave ‘Horribly Violent’ Khan’s London

Legendary Cricketer turned commentator Henry Blowers has decided to leave London and move somewhere else that is less violent. Henry Blower, who is 78 year old now, has been a really familiar... Read more »

Muslim Court Canes Malaysian Women for Same-Sex Relationship

In an abhorrent display of legal standards, a Malaysian Muslim court has subjected two women in a same-sex relationship with a punishment delivered through lashes. The video of the two women being... Read more »

President Trump Proven Right – Obama Might Have Signed off on FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump

In an interesting turn of events, it has come to the attention of avid eye media reporters that President Obama might have just signed the FISA warrant to spy on Trump. The... Read more »

Meet Naptor Vlogs, the Millionaire Teenager From Dubai That’s Taking Over Automobile YouTube

The teenage YouTube sensation has made a name for himself by living an excessive lifestyle and documenting it online. Emirati YouTube star who primarily posts automobile content to his NAPTOR VLOGS channel. He... Read more »

British MEP Talks about Immigrants from Third World Countries Bringing Third World Problems

British member of European Parliament Janice Atkinson has given a brutally honest statement to Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap. Talking to the journal Atkinson mentioned that allowing people from third world countries to... Read more »

The Legendary RET Tour Roars into Inglewood, CA, Makes History in an Evening of Jazz and Soul on Saturday, August 18, 2018

The RET Tour, consisting of world renowned Jazz, Soul, and Funk legends Ronnie Laws, Eloise Laws, and Tom Browne, made history as it brought the Funk party to the newly refurbished Miracle... Read more »

Guess who’s paying for the Wall? Mexico?

President Trump is on a roll nowadays with his policies, and is getting used to winning on the foreign front. In fact, Americans have gotten so used to their President winning in... Read more »

Black Historic History Manipulated For Profit Maple Shade Borrows Dr. King Legacy

For the past three years, Camden City, New Jersey has been on the map for a historic discovery of an early residence of Martin Luther King Jr. during his days at Crozer... Read more »