Anthony Weiner gets 21 month Prison Sentence for Sexting

The issues surrounding the life and career of former Congressional Representative Anthony Weiner seem to have come to an end with his sentencing to a prison term for sexting a minor on... Read more »

First Lady Melania Trump meets the Trudeau family and Prince Harry in Toronto

First Lady Melania Trump meets Prime Minister Meets Justin Trudeau and his Family to visit the Invictus Games Toronto, Canada. This is her first trip outside of the US without her husband,... Read more »

Trudeau represents Canada very immaturely on a serious event in New York

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an appearance at inaugural Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York wearing Star Wars character Chewbacca socks. The event is meant to bring business leaders and... Read more »

U.S. and China teaming up to defeat Kim Jong Un

It appears U.S. President Donald J. Trump is not only a man of firm convictions in the business realm but also one who stands by his stated words: He does what he... Read more »

Trudeau at UN: Canada is still “a work in progress”

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada – has stated that his beautiful country is still “a work in progress” and has “much more to go” in terms of advancing on all... Read more »

First CNN, now Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump creates another viral craze

President Donald Trump is the most talked about person in the world, his influence on Social Media reaches millions of people everyday. Trump uses his Social Media daily, usually early in the... Read more »

18-year-old man arrested in Parsons Green bombing

Kent police arrested an 18-year-old man in connection of the bombing at the London Tube train station. The man was arrested in Dover by Kent police under the Terrorism Act. The man... Read more »

London bomb explosion leaves 18 injured

London police are treating a bomb explosion in the District Line Tube train at Parsons Green station in London as an act of terrorism shorty after they showed up on the scene... Read more »

The U.S. State Department Gives a Green Light on the Sale of Super Hornets to Canada

Through a formal notification published to Congress, the U.S. State Department expressed it doesn’t have any qualms over the potential sale of 18 Super Hornets to Canada. The contract would cost an... Read more »

Defusing Tensions: How Canada Can Be a Prominent Intermediary between the U.S. and North Korea

Even when you look into the past, Canada has played the role of a useful intermediary between hostile states. With the current nuclear standoff between North Korea and the US, Canada can... Read more »