Canadian ISIS-inspired terrorist arrested in New York wanted to kill thousands

A Canadian man arrested in New York was caught before he could kill “thousands of people and create a ocean of blood” 3 ISIS-inspired terrorists were caught before they create this terrible... Read more »

Large Numbers of Refugees Continue to Enter Canada from the US

As Canada seeks to relax citizenship rules in the country for newcomers, its borders are teeming with asylum seekers from the US, wanting to cross over into Canada. While some of the... Read more »

Russia’s Toxic Space Fuel Dump in Canadian Arctic Waters is a Matter of “Considerably Concern”

Canada’s Arctic is most likely getting poisoned with the highly toxic fuel used in Russian space launches. UDMH – as the fuel is commonly known – has been phased out as space... Read more »

Russia Vows to Even the Score as the Magnitsky Bill Advances to the Senate for Final Vote

On Wednesday, the House of Commons unanimously voted to pass the Magnitsky bill, with all 277 votes in favour of the bill. Once the legislation is passed, it will allow the country... Read more »

Trudeau forgets the Jews in Holocaust

The government of Canada has taken down the Holocaust Monument plaque that was inaugurated last week. At the unveiling of the plaque last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau highlighted how the nation’s... Read more »

New York Bakery receives anti-Semitic Hate Mail

An anonymous letter sent to a kosher bakery in New York is being investigated by police. The Letter Said: “Make America Great Again. Juden Raus [Jews out] – N*****s and F*****s Burn... Read more »

Stephen Paddock had 23 guns in Las Vegas room, pictures emerge

Stephen Paddock killed 59 people and injured hundreds more from his hotel room, room number 32135 in the Mandalay Bay hotel on the 32nd floor. Bullets rained down to concert goers across... Read more »

Tom Petty died peacefully at 8:40 p.m. PT

After going off life support, 66-year-old Tom Petty died at 8:40 p.m. PT with family and friends surrounding him at the UCLA Santa Monica Hospital. Earlier reports were mixed as news outlets... Read more »

Singer Tom Petty didn’t pass away but clinging to life

Update: Tom Petty died peacefully at 8:40 p.m. PT Rock legend Tom Petty remains unconscious after suffering cardiac arrest on Sunday night. CBS first said the the 66-year-old musician had died but the LAPD say... Read more »

Las Vegas killer identified as Stephen Paddock

Pictures surfaced on Twitter of the Las Vegas shooter who killed at least 50 people and injured another 200 in Las Vegas late last night. Stephen Paddock was killed by police on... Read more »