First Mars Simulation Base Is Now Open To Visitors in China

Many of us hope to travel to space one day, but very few will have the opportunity. However, those who dream about stepping on Mars can get the same experience right here... Read more »

Notre Dame Fire – What’s Next For The Iconic Cathedral of Paris?

The saddening news of the Notre Dame fire that affected the iconic and beautiful historic cathedral of Paris has traveled all around the globe. However, it seems that there still is hope... Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg Wants Governments to Help in Controlling the Internet Content

Facebook’s CEO said that regulators and governments should have a more active role when it comes to controlling the internet content. He also said that the responsibility for monitoring all the harmful... Read more »

One of the Biggest Glacier Has Started to Grow Again

A big glacier from Greenland, one that was the fastest shrinking ice mass from Earth, has started to grow again, as NASA said. In 2012, The Jakobshavn glacier started to retreat 3... Read more »

People Are Skeptical About Boeing 737 Max 8 and Have Started to Ground the Airplanes

We all know what happened with the aircraft and the disaster, and now we have a new model that is now being watched from everywhere by aviation safety authorities after two crashes... Read more »

China to Build a Martian Base in Its Desert to Simulate the Conditions from Mars

China has created a facility in the arid desert of the country in order to imitate the landscape from Mars. They want to open it for tourists, too. The space agency of... Read more »

Princess Diana’s Rolls-Royce Silver Spur Is Available For Auction Until Tomorrow

You don’t have to be the member of a royal family to enjoy luxury, good taste and use the former belongings of aristocrats. The world holds unlimited possibilities for each of us... Read more »

The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs to Reignite the Volcanic Eruptions in India

The asteroid that has wiped off dinosaurs from Earth about 66 million years ago might have also reignited some massive volcanic eruptions in India, which is half a world away from where... Read more »

When Will Spotify Be Released in India?

It is an unwritten rule that says that Spotify really needs to be launched in India. The company has been sitting in line in Mumbai for over a year, and, according to... Read more »

Juan Guaido to Attend a Meeting with Us Vice President After the Awful Weekend in Venezuela

The (self-declared) interim president (and opposition leader, may we add) Juan Guaido has arrived in Bogota, Columbia on Sunday, and he’s ready to take part in a meeting with the US Vice... Read more »