Trump chooses Easter Sunday for a tirade against illegal border jumpers from Mexico

U.S. President Donald Trump issued a stern warning Easter Sunday to illegal border jumpers from Mexico: Stay out of our country! “NO MORE DACA DEAL!” Trump tweeted one hour after he started... Read more »

Sacramento Residents Uneasy After Shooting

Angry residents expressed their displeasure with the Sacramento Police Department during a Tuesday City Council meeting on the heels of the March 18 shooting of Stephon Clark. The 22-year-old unarmed black man... Read more »

Rick Santorum suggests CPR for gunshot victims

The best way to fight lung cancer is to decrease smoking, the best way to fight heart disease is diet and exercise, why do some American politicians such as Rick Santorum believe... Read more »

President Trump Begins To Rectify The Trade Gap With China And Other Nations

Donald Trump has taken a significant step in his promise to close the trade deficit that the United States currently has with China. Trump frequently campaigned on fixing trade deals and stopping... Read more »

ISIS hostage situation leaves 2 dead in French supermarket

At least two people are dead and dozens injured after a ISIS inspired attack inside a supermarket in southern France. The reason for the attach was to¬†demand France officials release of Salah... Read more »

Meet KAIYA, the New York indie-pop artist

Her creativity takes its inspiration from old romantic french movies and performances by Serge Gainsbourg…Songs by Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse…The femininity of Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren…The elegant sophistication of Antonio... Read more »

Is immigration dividing Americans?

Trump was well known for his “building walls” theory and bring more jobs back to American’s and kicking out the immigrants back to their home territory. Many people supported this idea because... Read more »

Austin bombing suspect named as Mark Anthony Conditt

Police named the Austin bombing suspect this morning as Mark Anthony Conditt. The 24-year-old suspect killed himself by suicide blowing up bombs after he crashed when police chased him from the motel... Read more »

24-year-old Austin bomber dead, killed by bomb

The 24-year-old man who killed two people by detonating package bombs is now dead police say. Police traced the suspect to a hotel he stayed at, after fleeing the suspect crashed the... Read more »

Trump calls Putin

President Donald Trump called the Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate on him on his election win on Sunday. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said the call happened this morning... Read more »