Burt Reynolds dead at 82

Actor Burt Reynolds has died at 82 reports the Associated Press. Reynolds was loved by many and starred in famous films such as “The Longest Yard” and “Smokey and the Bandit.” The actor was... Read more »

The Chef Post, A Food Tech Start Up in India, Curates A Unique Chefs’ Event – Cold War 2018

Further to the signature launch of The Chef Post portal in 2016 where the city witnessed its top chefs slay the ramp, Cold War in 2017 where 11 five star hotels showcased... Read more »

#JustDoIt: Nike and Colin Kaepernick need to learn the true meaning of sacrificing everything

President Donald Trump sacrificed his multi-Billion dollar business to become the President of the United States for no wage, even though that’s lots he still didn’t sacrifice EVERYTHING. Colin Kaepernick sacrificed his... Read more »

Police called to Bombardier facility for “suspicious incident”

Police were called to investigate a suspicious package delivered to one of Bombardier’s Toronto facilities. Police can’t confirm the package but the company said it was delivered in error and contained four... Read more »

Democrats Turn Foul: Interrupt Kavanaugh Hearings Nearly 60 Times in the First Hour

The hearings for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation have turned into a major issue for Democrats, as they seem to be in no mood to let the confirmation proceed in a hassle-free manner. Before... Read more »

Angry Migrants at Swedish Rally Punch Anti-Immigrant Party Member

Talk to any pro immigrant and they would say that all immigrants and locals are assimilating quite well in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. Well, if events of the past week are... Read more »

Trump Plans to Cancel Pay Raise for Federal Workforce

Any organization that is more than $20 trillion in debt – Ok, there might not be any organizations under $20 million debt – but all organizations bleeding money would definitely not want... Read more »

Cricket Legend Decides to Leave ‘Horribly Violent’ Khan’s London

Legendary Cricketer turned commentator Henry Blowers has decided to leave London and move somewhere else that is less violent. Henry Blower, who is 78 year old now, has been a really familiar... Read more »

Muslim Court Canes Malaysian Women for Same-Sex Relationship

In an abhorrent display of legal standards, a Malaysian Muslim court has subjected two women in a same-sex relationship with a punishment delivered through lashes. The video of the two women being... Read more »

President Trump Proven Right – Obama Might Have Signed off on FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump

In an interesting turn of events, it has come to the attention of avid eye media reporters that President Obama might have just signed the FISA warrant to spy on Trump. The... Read more »