Is Trump’s New Health Care Plan As Good As Some Think It Is?

One of the things that the former President of the United States was commended for was his stance and take on health care policies. However, Trump, the new President of US, has... Read more »

Amber Rudd: Isis Militants to Be Tried In UK

Home Secretary Amber Rudd, has suggested that members of the British Isis cell, who are known as The Beatles, face trial in the UK. Both American and British are in talks regarding... Read more »

Trump Gone Completely Silent After Urging Pipeline Makers to Buy American Steel

President Donald Trump, in his initial six months in office, often retold the story how it was him who had thought of  the idea to urge those energy companies to use American-made... Read more »

The Security Clearance Crackdown Did Not Affect Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner is the respected son in law of the current President of US, Donald Trump. In recent news, it has been revealed that the recent security clearance crackdown has left Jared... Read more »

Philippines Condemns Communist Group For Being Terrorists

The Philippines has condemned the communist group as terrorists and asked the court to declare them as such. In a bold move, the Philippines justice officials have requested the court to designate... Read more »

Turkey Endorses the European Anti-Terrorism Laws

Turkey has approved of an addition to the Council of Europe’s terrorism prevention pact, which has led to an expansion to a diverse range of activities that have been criminalized under terrorism... Read more »

Gun Buyers: Trump Augments Careful Support to Changes to Background Checks

On Monday, President Donald Trump said that he was ready to join a discussion for gun restriction midst national outcry carried out by teenagers who were able to survive the mass shooting... Read more »

School Teacher and Brother Taken Into Custody For Holding Explosives

In recent news, two people, a school teacher and his brother, have been taken into custody for holding explosives. There was also a note written by the brothers that read, “under the... Read more »

Senator Jeff Flake Does Not Seem Happy With Trump’s Immigration Policy

One thing we all know for sure is that Trump has been quite stern with his take and action on immigration policies. People have been left in a stake of shock and... Read more »

Trump attends disco party after visiting survivors of school shooting

After causing controversy by posing smiling and showing one of his thumbs up during a visit to a hospital where the injured are, from the massacre at a school in Florida, President... Read more »