Google Executives said “We Lost” the Election in Leaked Tapes Proving Conservative Bias

The leaked Google tapes from a meeting called ‘TGIF’ reveal absolute conservative bias from Google Executives. Ezra Levant from The Rebel Media pointed it out on Twitter. “This senior Google executive didn’t... Read more »

The official Puerto Rico Hurricane death toll was only 64 until almost one year later

President Donald Trump said today on Twitter there wasn’t 3000 deaths in the hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico in September 2017. “3000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit... Read more »

Google Executives Criticize Trump In Leaked Tape During Conservative Bias Crisis

Tech giant Google received backlash on social media after Breitbart published leaked tapes showing senior officials criticizing Donald Trump’s election victory. The tape was released amid conservative bias crisis from nearly every... Read more »

Reddit Bans Pro-Trump ‘The Great Awakening’ Subreddit

Reddit banned the second largest pro-Trump Subreddit ‘The Great Awakening’ Tuesday night at 11:45 PM reports Real Clear Politics” The report also says anonymous left-wing users posted offensive content, including a CBS... Read more »

Obama’s Sad California Rally a Sign of What is to Come for Democrats

The Democratic Party seems to be banking on the pipe-dream of a blue wave for the mid-term elections of 2018. However, considering the recent state of affairs, it does not look like... Read more »

Joe Scarborough Caused Many People To #WalkAway

MSNBC’s Host of “Morning Joe” Joe Scarborough, caused many people to use the #walkaway hashtag on Twitter. Scarborough wrote an article attacking President Donald Trump using the title “Trump is harming the... Read more »

Saudi Arabia detains Egyptian Man for Eating Breakfast with Female Saudi Co-Worker

In a harrowing case of national injustice, Saudi Arabia has arrested an Egyptian hotel worker for allegedly eating breakfast with a female Saudi colleague. The labor ministry took the required action after... Read more »

Tucker Carlson Shows Explosive Email from Google Exec Over How Company Assisted Hillary in 2016

Fox News host Tucker Carlson made a startling revelation in his show on Monday. Carlson, who has on multiple counts mentioned the role Google played in Hillary’s campaign during the 2018 elections,... Read more »

Obama’s crowd size proves the thrill is gone

The thrill is gone. Ex-President Barack Hussain Obama is no more the celebrity he used to be. Last weekend saw Obama pushing the agenda forth for Democrats in the November election. He... Read more »

Blue-Collar Job Growth in U.S. Crosses Record Mark to Reach Highest Growth in Ages

While people are focusing on derailing the progress of the Trump administration and are calling the man himself out for his policies, the blue-collar sector in the United States has quietly been... Read more »